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07 January 2009 @ 09:01 pm
I've sorted stuff out with Elle, shes going to see if Tom or Shaun can buy the whip.
We're also having a sleepover on saturday to make props.
I shall be in freo tomorrow, looking for white leather and face paint. Also cream paint, and silver.

Short post. Don't have much to update at the moment. Covered most stuff in the other post below.
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07 January 2009 @ 01:35 am
Prepare for picture overload. Everything is under the link. @__@
I'm sorry I wrote so much, please read it all. I've been really busy

CBF reading if i've already written this; Hi-bird=cute
NOT CHANGING COSPLAY. FULL STOP. I get incredibly irritated when you mention this, so stop. I'm not optimistic and i've almost got 'everything' for this costume. Do not go and annoy me by going 'lets do this one', if I wanted to change my cosplay i'd do so.
Fi won't be able to get us a whip. We need someone who is 18
I'm kinda cranky, sorry. Dx
And so i'm trying to figure out if Basil's weapon 'closes. >w>; y'know since it sorta looks like it does... xD; BUT I HAVEN'T SEEN IT CLOSED Dx Damn you, Reborn!
After I take some pictures and upload them i'll show you.. that won't be until about 5am though, xD Ahaha. Yeah.
I've been working on this since uh, 6pm ish. it took me like 3 hours to get proper referenes.. then it's taken me like another 4 to figure out how the damn thing works... xD Now i'm in the process of putting the 'parts together.
Before working on Basil.....I was measuring out the dimensions for the armband.

I need anything you have for Tsuna, please? I haven't had time to raid my sisters closet, she also doesn't have any white shirts or black pants. D; Which are the main things we need. Since I am making the tie.
You have the embroidery thread, I need it. Dx ASAP.

I'll probably sew all the stuff I need to sew next week since I need to ask my mum to use the sewing machine, and I may need to buy some needles for it. @__@; It's kinda dead-ish, or I may be able to borrow a sewing machine from one of mum's friends.

Fi will probably only be free monday or tuesday next week, I think. If we could get this done ASAP that would be fantastic. I'll ask, or you can? but im running low on credit, I guess I can always ask her when she comes online tomorrow. Although I already asked her to go with me. I do think we'll actually need someone whos 18 to buy it though, so could you please find someone who is? i don't know any 18 year olds.

I'm running seriously low on credit. D: I have about $2, so i'll probably only be texting if it's about urgent cosplay stuff. I'll usually be updating around 5-6 am. Since I work MUCH better at night time then I do in the day. The house is very quiet, I can listen to music and work at my own pace, so I prefer working at night, I feel more creative too. I get about 5 hours sleep and then.. we  can meet at 1-ish on weekdays? Then I usually take a nap when I get home (around 6pm or I just kinda nap at 6pm if I am home) until 8ish. Then conitinue work! :D I'm insane, I know, but i'm being kept busy and entertained.

Again, pics of the shoes for Dino would be muchly appreciated. D;
Since I plan to go into freo to get facepaint.

Lets cosplay all the Varia arc versions of the characters.. I really want to make the holsters for Gokudera. xD; Also, Yamamoto has a rather simple costume too, jeans, t-shirt and white button down half buttoned on top. Although for Elle, she would wear a singlet undernearth and then we'd add bandages later. >w> Which i think I can make.
I cbf making Basil some ruffles. i think i'll use the material for Gokudera's bandages.. or some of them.

I also  found a pretty coool shirt design for Dino which I will attempt to copy. ;D
I need a good white shirt though, cotton on quality is so crap. I'm considering buying some material. Good white cotton should cost next to nothing.
My cargo pants are quite faded.. I'm kinda considering dying them? Comments? xD To what colour you ask? Dark green, army green, yes/no?
This is the jacket I have, Mm, brown leather, i'm going to die in the heat, but at least i'll die looking sexy? I'm trying to figure out what colour 'fur' I should add to it. Maybe white? I plan to attach it with double sided tape. I need to buy some of that too when I go to jacksons.

Also, I'd like to do the wigs friday? Is that alright? OR TOMORROW? @_@ We can plan things while we cut wigs, or just one wig. I wish we had heads to put the wigs on. D; They're going to lose their shape really fast otherwise. D;
Or We can invite Elle over and have a prop making session at my house, friday or saturday.I don't really mind whose house, but mine would be better since I have most of the cosplay stuff for me and Elle and I don't want to bring it all with me. Plus Elle can try on clothes and if we're missing something we can go to op shops and find it. Plus it would be several bags worth of stuff i'd have to bring. Allso, i'm considering seeing if spotlight has any white pleather... xD may cost me a bit but I really want to make the holster for the dynamite.

If we could go shopping for stuff today so I can buy my sisters wig it would be fantastic - call me. @_@ I won't reply to texts. I'll probably be asleep too.
I forgot to tell Elle she owes us money, so text/call? her or something? $2.50 for the chain, the other chain was like $7? Tell her i'd happily buy them from her later when I have more money. >w> but we can probably find the rest of the bling for her in my house.

I'm running out of money, but thats sorta? okay cause dad owes me $35 still and mum owes me about $40, which I will nag them about in the morning and you guys owe me like $13, if i'm not mistaken.
but thats not much, and i'll get student allowance on the 26th, but I want to keep all that money for the convention/BDO. I owe you like $35 yeah? I'll pay that back to you after I finish the cosplay, so some time after the 26th. D; Sorry, kinda stuck for money at the moment.

I also need to make a trip to centerlink thursday, so i'll be busy for a few hours, then i'll be going to spotlight to get fur and probably stop by jacksons for anything I need. OR I may do that tomorrow. @__@; We shall see how lazy I am...

I just realised. >___> Uh, we all will have to wear make up, i'm talking foundation since no ones skin is as perfect as theirs. And or, try to keep up good skin care until the convention. @__@; I SHALL TRY TO ;D

(for me mainly)

White cotton- shirt
White pleather/leather (:DDD;) for gokudera's holsters.. >w> may go check out op shops first though. xD;;;
Facepaint for tattoo
Cheap liquid eyeliner.
More of that material I bought with you and Claire. (for bandages)
Foundation (at least, I need to buy some) :D;;;
newspaper (for lots of stuff)
Cream paint for Basil's blade
Red paint for dynamite (might have some actually, i'll also have to figure out how many dynamites we need.)
Uh uh, I think thats it.

moar stuff
IF we have a sleepover.
BRING; Your costume.
Anything we need for the cosplay including props.

Well, my suggestion is you attach it something made of 'mesh' with superglue, i'll explain this better in person. @__@; and then I can pin it to your costume. 'mesh' will have the be the same colour as the shirt/jacket.
You should also conside rthis jacket I have, it may be what you need for Hibari.

Anyyway, i have a possible Hibari jacket.
ACTUALLY. Why don't you just come over tomorrow and we can sort out things? Just call when your on your way over here. We can call people up and abuse them.
So we can grab paper and plan. My house will be mostly empty, mum will be out, dad will be at work, We can make Dynamite, no, wait, we can make your TONFAS! I just realised now that we have plenty of plastic that we could of made your tonfa's from? Return the plastic that you bought? o__o;
I keep adding to this post. Sorry. D;
Ummm.. I've probably forgotten things.. so i'll probably go back and edit. @__@

Sorry, for such a hectic post thats all over the place
By the way, i got my own LJ, and it's over here at  spanishleek </lj>
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05 January 2009 @ 09:04 pm

elo javiera, i hav ALMOST finished hibird. i dont have any googly eyes T_T BUT I WILL

claire has got almost ALL her basil shiz. i need to confirm with oli what he is doing.
im going to make the larger tonfa. they look better i thinks...


TIS GOOD YES? and easier.... i hav a few jackets you could look at as well. you cna see em tomoro...or in a few days. watver. WE NEED FI TO GET US A WHIP
she looks 18
she would do it for us
we should go shopping, soon...

sorry bout the shitty post. i cbf right now. sorry sorry
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05 January 2009 @ 06:05 pm
I am back again!
I found this awesome image

So i'm basically going to print these out seperately at the size I need them.
Fix up the lines.
Trace a stencil for each new colour.
For the flame part we can probably just make a stencil of the shape of the flame and we can dab the paint and mix beld it to make it look like it's a flame. :D but i'll probably make a stencil for the navy part of the flame seeing as it goes over some of the lighter teal.
And then the black part of the tattoo will come last. x3 Yepyep.
I can't wait to try this out when I finish. xD;

The Famiglia tattoo is slightly harder.. but same method? I do a stencil for the "star" and ribbon shape.
Then we go lightest to darkest colour.
Another stencil for the "C" and 'outline for the ribbon'
Unless one of you can write Famiglia, I guess i'll have to make a stencil for that too? @__@

So I neeed. teal, black, yellow, orange, white, red and brown paint. xD;
I think I still have the paint from when I did art. >w> I should see if I can find it.

Also. Weapons/Props/Accessories. I'll go through each one. >w>
Actually this is just a general update.

+Whip. We need to do this soon, since you are leaving fairly soon. xD;

I'd say around 2m long, ;D I can wrap the handle in fabric to make it look like that? x3
ALLSO. Currently I need nothing but the jacket.. and the whip. so if I could borrow a pimpin'  jacket from someone it would be great.
Since i'm running out of money. >_>;
Bought the belt, cavallone ring and wig today.
Going to cut out a stencil of 'D18' for my shirt. Thinking about putting "Marry me, Hibari!" on the back.. only if I have time. Then again. It would take a few hours to make.


Thats not fur trimmed. xD In that case, I only need the whip. >w> I'm like 65% done man.

Twooo types. xD;
First is this;
Then this;

So either reaaaallly thin tonfa or.. bigger tonfa.
+ Armband.
I have the red fabric. You have the thread though? D: Give it to me tomorrow? @_@;
So I can finish that fast. xD (I can always embroider in my room, train, bus, etc.) You need a safetypin to attach it to your uniform. I suggest finding one and attaching it to the armband... and then attach it to the shirt permanently. @_@ So you don't lose it...
If you could find the Kanji he has on the armband and then send it to be so I can print off an image to copy on to the fabric with fabric pencils and stuff, that would be good. xD >w> Don't e-mail the pic to me... i'll lose it. D;
You got all the stuff to make him so I assume it'll be done soon. xD Give Hibird googly eyes
+ If I have time I'll make a sash that says 'Queen of Namimori!'... Maybe I can find Kanji for that.. >w>; -lazy-


I wish I had a sweater vest for Tsuna. ;_; They protect you from pretty girls.


Thats probably the Tsuna we're going to get. possibly minus the dying will gloves.. since.. they're hard to make. ;_;
Annd black pants instead of brown, and a red tie. ;D
We need to buy the wiiig, and.. done.. I think.
Man, I need a job.
Also got the chain. Seeing as Basil is there we can just say we're cosplaying during the varia ark! :D


That blade looks cool, I'll try to get a mock up done with paper. xD Sometime tonight.
If you need help.. on making this Claire you can always ask.
I'm generally online.


We got a wig for you sort of.. also have 2 chains.
Paaay me back.
Laura you owe me money for spotlight too. @_@ Nothing we were buying.. was actually anything -I- needed for Tsuna or Dino or Gokudera.
I would attempt to make white leather dynamite thing.. but. D; I don't have white leather.
also, I have practically everything you need to do that Gokudera cosplay. xD If it's like that picture.


As long as you have a baseball bat and a baseball it'll be awesome.
dyeyourhairdyeyourhairdyeyourhaircausesprayingitlookscrap. @_@ I said nothing, not a thing.
serious bonus points if you wear a namimori shirt.
I will print it for you. xD Just find a white shirt.
Or a baseball outfit. :D

I ALMOST wish your sister were chrome and I were Ryouhei. Then we'd have the whole gang.
And no, we are not changing cosplays. however. That gokudera wig, cut shorter would be fantastic for Ryouhei.

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04 January 2009 @ 02:15 pm
Reply to your last postCollapse )

and soo at this moment i'm playing with scapels and plastic sheets.. ;D I'm gonna make stencils and experiment. I'll also update you on that later.

For now, if you could update me on items you need/have would be fantastic. @_@
So we have some sort of shopping list.
Then we'll have to compile clothes for our sister? I say we both go on raids.. After I finish this list on Tsuna we can both go search? ;D Or at least think hard about it. @_@


Wig, muchly needed. My sisters hair won't spike it's too thick.
White collar button down top, loose fitting, un-tucked. Shouldn't be too hard to find.
Black pants
Navy Vest finding the vest may be hard, but we can always go with dying-will flame, and we can just make him wear tattered clothes.
Blue Tie. (I think we'll have to make the tie, good thing we're going to Spotlight)
Dying-will flame, cellophane/cardboard, attrach with bobbypins? ;D Or one of those hair things.. >w>;;

This Tsuna works too though.Large pic @__@Collapse )The gloves are a challenge, but I think we could probably papermashe the 'cuff' part and circles, then paint them. We'd need alot of glue/double sided tape to keep it on to the glove, and I think we'd just keep the glove finger tips just materal. We can also add a dying will flame to the gloves. @_@; What do you think?

~~~ UPDATE ~~~
So I didn't end up cutting any plastic, I did end up sketching Dino's tattoo alot and getting the right sizes for my skinny arm. ;D

Alsooo. WHAT IS HAPPENING TOMORROW? >_> I'll call you isn't good enough, I need a time and a place. Ruth and Elle are tagging along. xD So yeah, meeting place? Time?
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04 January 2009 @ 12:15 pm
Laura here, comming in for the 2nd post of this Katekyo Hitman Reborn! obsessed LJ. and i love the layout viera. kick ass

im thinking about my hibari cosplay... i found a black jacket, but cbf, it dosent look right. so i was thinking of doing..
<---THIS. i already hav a red tie from the Light cosplay...yes?

YAY 8018 FTW XD seriously, awesome pairing :P   i could do this as well. my white shirt is long
sleeved! wow, yamamoto is more seme~ go yama go XD

@___@ but i like the black tie and vest ensemble. that works. i could do this too, but i need a vest and tie.

- thats what he is thinking. yup


about my sis doing the Basil cosplay, she is really happy. she doesnt need a wig or contacts that way. if your sis has any clothes for basil, could claire use em? mind you CLAIRE IS TALLER THAN ME WTF SHE IS 5 YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME NO FAIR


 Ive decided that ELLE can be GOKUDERA. only coz mukuro is way to hard for the little time we hav. and her an oli are about the same hieght...so it kinda works?

elle should wear this outfit --->


or not XD



OLi seemes to know what he is doing with yamamoto so all is well

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04 January 2009 @ 04:19 am
Viera here! x3
I've decided to steal the first post. :D Bwahaha. AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME.
Since it's ridiculously early.
Like, 4am early. Le'Gasp, indeed.
'Why awake so early?', you may ask.
Well, I haven't slept. Playing singstar on New Years until 5am totally fucked my sleeping pattern. D<

I am working on Dino. 15% Done

More abouuut Dino. ;D RarCollapse )
Basil 5% Done

Mooar about Basil. :DCollapse )
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